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Xeriscaping Plants: A Drought-Resistant Approach - Landscaping
Drought necessitates the use of xeriscaping plants and other cheaper alternatives to that thirsty grass of lawns that requires so much water. Learn more here.
Definition of Xeriscape Landscaping - About.com
As you will see from my definition of xeriscape landscaping, it can be attractive as well as practical. You're not limited to unattractive "barbed-wire plants."
Xeriscape in Shade - Low-Water Plants for Shady Spots - Landscaping
To xeriscape in the shade, consult my article on plants for shady spots. In the high desert, you'll still need to water.
Xeriscape Gardening and Planning for Water Wise Garden
Xeriscaping was a term coined back in 1970s in Denver, CO, to mean water wise or water efficient landscaping. The term xeriscape is derived from the Greek ...
Xeriscape Garden - Flowers to Grow in a Xeriscape - About.com
Choose flowering plants that can grow without additional irrigation in the xeriscape.
Xeriscape - Green Living - About.com
Xeriscape is a type of landscape design that emphasizes the beauty of drought- tolerant plants that need less water to thrive. But what does xeriscaping look like,  ...
Xeriscaping: Drought-Tolerant Plants for the Conscientious Gardener
Xeriscaping: Drought-Tolerant Plants for the Conscientious Gardener. What Makes a Plant Drought Tolerant? By Sonia Uyterhoeven, Gardener for Public ...
Lavender Cotton - Flowers to Grow in a Xeriscape - About.com
Lavender cotton is a drought tolerant perennial with yellow spring flowers.
African Iris - Flowers to Grow in a Xeriscape - About.com
African iris is a tender perennial for the xeriscape. ... The African iris is a good addition to the xeriscape rock garden, as too much wood-based mulch can cause  ...
Yarrow - Flowers to Grow in a Xeriscape - About.com
Like many xeriscape flowering plants, yarrow features grayish-green foliage that makes it a good foil for pink or purple flowers. White yarrow is a wildflower that ...
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