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Building Raised Beds That Are Portable - Landscaping - About.com
When landscaping for small yards, it's tough to extend "out," so extend "up" by building raised beds that are like benches (this one is portable, to boot). Building  ...
Bloodgood Japanese Maple Trees for Small Yards - Landscaping
Bloodgood Japanese maple trees grace many a yard as a focal point, thriving as specimens for small spaces. Learn how to grow this colorful Acer variety here.
Landscaping Ideas for Side Yards
While such a structure can serve an aesthetic purpose even in a large side yard, an arbor will be especially helpful in improving the design in a small side yard.
Top Ten Trees for Planting in a Small Yard - Forestry - About.com
Here are top 10 small trees recommended for planting in a small yard. These trees were selected by urban forest specialists for their preferred qualities.
10 Best Trees for Your Yard - Forestry - About.com
I've picked ten best trees readily available for planting in your yard. Consider these the best trees to plant in a large yard or landscape. For a smaller yard you ...
Small Garden Design for Front Yards - Gardening - About.com
If there is one place that small space gardening should be more widely practiced, it is in front yards. We have surrendered the front of our homes to foundation ...
Dwarf Trees - Ideal Choices for Small Yard Design - Landscaping
Dwarf trees (evergreen and deciduous) are popular in small yard design. You can plant them with the knowledge that they won't quickly spike out of control.
Small Water Features - Simple Building Instructions - Landscaping
Fountains and other small water features involving artificial ponds can enhance your yard. Here's a cheap water fountain project for DIYers.
Landscaping for Small Spaces - About.com
When landscaping for small spaces, incorporate raised beds, compact water features and container gardens, and apply color theory to make your yard seem ...
Small Evergreen Shrubs - 7 Types for a Colorful Yard - Landscaping
I discuss 7 types of small evergreen shrubs perfect for owners of tiny yards who crave big-time color. Consult my list of compact bushes before you shop.
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