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How to Find Out Soil Type - Landscaping - About.com
Learn how to find out your soil type the easy way. There are 3 basic different types, and finding out which you have is important for irrigation purposes.
Soil Type in Lawn and Garden Irrigation - Landscaping - About.com
Answer: Your soil type will affect your regimen for garden irrigation, both for purposes of plant health and conserving water. Sandy soil types dry out quickly.
Landscape Mulch - How Do You Select the Proper Type?
Landscape mulch properly used will promote plant health and the appearance of your garden. Some types may lower soil pH slightly.
Four Simple Do-It-Yourself Soil Tests - Organic Gardening - About.com
Loam is generally considered to be ideal soil because it retains moisture and nutrients but doesn't stay soggy. To determine your soil type, take a handful of ...
Potting Soil Recommendations for Indoor & ... - Houseplants
... plants and container plants? Find out what's wrong with your soil and how to fix it. ... Different types of jobs in and around book publishing. By Valerie Peterson.
Sand, Silt and Clay Content of Soils - Classification Diagram - Geology
This diagram is used to translate a sediment's proportion of the three different classes of grain size—sand, silt and clay—into a soil description. To the geologist  ...
Healthy Soil and How to Make It - Organic Gardening - About.com
While clay soil tends to be of higher fertility than other soil types, it is not optimal to garden in because its texture makes it very difficult for plant roots to work their ...
Improving Soil on a Small Farm - Small Farms - About.com
Learn about the different soil types,how to tell what type of soil you have,and the basics of amending your soil to produce delicious, high-yield crops.
Achieving and Maintaining Great Garden Soil - Gardening - About.com
Organic matter improves any type of soil. Compost, leaf mold, manure and green manures are all decaying organic matter. They loosen and enrich soil and ...
Soil pH - What It Is and Why It Matters - Landscaping - About.com
Soil pH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity in the ground, numerically equal to 7 for dirt ... Red Oak Trees, Other Types ... How to Find Out Your Soil Type.
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