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Types of Flowering Trees - Photos - Landscaping - About.com
If you're not already convinced of the beauty of the various types of flowering trees, then I hope my photos of some of the different kinds serve to sway you.
Flowering Dogwood Trees and Attracting Wild Birds - Landscaping
Flowering dogwood trees are among the best spring specimens. 'Cherokee Chief ' and Japanese (Kousa) trees are tops, as they excel at attracting wild birds.
Flowering Landscape Trees - Landscaping - About.com
Index to articles containing information (pictures included) on flowering landscape trees. The standouts of spring, these flowering landscape trees are valuable ...
Tree Identification and Anatomy - Forestry - About.com
Here is a resource designed to help you with identifying a tree and the types of common tree species that exist in the United States. By using a tree's anatomy ...
Tree Taxonomy - How a Tree Gets Its Scientific Name - Forestry
Tree species get their scientific name using the Linnaean classification system called binomial nomenclature. Learn more here.
Using Tree Anatomy and Physiology for Identification - Forestry
Trees are among the earth's most useful and beautiful products of nature. Trees have been crucial to mankind's survival. The oxygen we breath is released by ...
Common Trees of the Eastern United States - The Tree Illustrations ...
Common Trees of the Eastern United States - The Tree Illustrations of Charles ... Illustrations of Common Eastern United States Trees - Charles Sprague Sargent.
Tree Leaf Key: Method of Tree Identification - Forestry - About.com
A simple tree leaf identification key for 100 of the most common North American tree's common name and species name.
Top Ten Reasons Why Trees Are Important - Forestry - About.com
Living trees are important, necessary and valuable to our very existence. Life without trees, we humans would not exist on Earth. Keep a tree around.
Northern white-cedar - 100 Most Common Trees
Thuja occidentalis. Northern white-cedar or Arborvitae. Northern white-cedar is a slow growing native North American boreal tree. Arborvitae is its cultivated ...
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