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Types of Shrubs - Deciduous and Evergreen
Question: What Types of Shrubs Are There to Choose From? The types of shrubs available for landscaping fall roughly into the needled evergreen (e.g., yews), ...
Types of Flowering Shrubs - Landscaping - About.com
What are the best types of flowering shrubs? I answer that question here by picking several types popular in temperate regions, according to season of interest.
Hydrangea Shrubs - Learn About Some Popular Types - Landscaping
The world of hydrangea shrubs is nothing if not diverse. Most types do grow in shrub form, but one type is a vine, while another is pruned so as to assume a ...
Small Evergreen Shrubs - 7 Types for a Colorful Yard - Landscaping
I discuss 7 types of small evergreen shrubs perfect for owners of tiny yards who crave big-time color. Consult my list of compact bushes before you shop.
Pictures of Trees and Shrubs - Landscaping - About.com
Some of the types of flowering trees I've photographed are giants, while others are more accurately termed large "shrubs." Looking for a tree with variegated ...
Types of Landscape Plants Video - Landscaping - About.com
Next, coming down in types of landscape plants in size would be shrubs -- whole bunch of different types of shrubs. Some of them are tall -- to 8-9 feet, the size of ...
Drought-Tolerant Shrubs - Examples of Popular Types - Landscaping
Drought-tolerant shrubs come in mighty handy for people with busy lifestyles. When you're busy with a career, plant care may go on the back burner now and ...
Juniper Tree and Shrub Species - Alligator, Juniper and More
Take a tour of 12 species of juniper trees and shrubs that you can find around the world.
Hedge Plants - Best Shrubs to Use - Landscaping - About.com
Here I discuss some of the best shrubs to use for hedges. ... Such shrubs may also serve the practical function of affording a property some ... Types of Plants.
12 Species of Holly Trees and Shrubs
They can be deciduous or evergreen and form into trees, shrubs or lianas. Many ( though not all) species have leaves that either feature spiny teeth or serrated ...
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