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Types of Shrubs - Deciduous and Evergreen
The types of shrubs available for landscaping belong generally in the needled and broadleaf evergreen and deciduous categories. Here are some examples of  ...
Types of Flowering Shrubs - Landscaping - About.com
What are the best types of flowering shrubs? I answer that question here by picking several types popular in temperate regions, according to season of interest.
List of Shrubs - 10 Kinds You Should Grow in Your Yard - Landscaping
Consult this list of shrubs before you shop at the nursery. ... I've placed witch hazel at the beginning of this list of shrubs, because it .... Landscaping Categories.
Hydrangea Shrubs - Learn About Some Popular Types - Landscaping
The world of hydrangea shrubs is nothing if not diverse. Most types do grow in shrub form, but one type is a vine, while another is pruned so as to assume a ...
Small Evergreen Shrubs - 7 Types for a Colorful Yard - Landscaping
I discuss 7 types of small evergreen shrubs perfect for owners of tiny yards who crave big-time color. Consult my list of compact bushes before you shop.
Pictures of Trees and Shrubs - Landscaping - About.com
Some of the types of flowering trees I've photographed are giants, while others are more accurately termed large "shrubs." Looking for a tree with variegated ...
12 Species of Holly Trees and Shrubs - Trees & Shrubs - About.com
Add color to your landscape with holly trees and shrubs. ... Almost all holly species are dioecious, meaning that you will need to plant both males and females if ...
12 Species of Magnolia Trees and Shrubs
Meet 12 species of the beautiful Magnolia genus. These trees and shrubs feature beautiful flowers that will liven up your garden every spring.
Picture of Andromeda Shrubs - Landscaping - About.com
My picture shows andromeda shrubs with white flowers. The Latin ... Picture of a bloom from the shrub, Japanese kerria. - David ... Landscaping Categories.
Hedge Plants - Best Shrubs to Use - Landscaping - About.com
... security and are also decorative. Here I discuss some of the best shrubs to use for hedges. ... Landscaping Categories. Landscaping Pictures · Landscape ...
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