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Building Walkways or Pathways - Design Considerations
Building walkways or pathways is a solution to connect point A to point B. With proper design, the project addresses foot traffic wearing out your grass.
Stone Walkway Design - Pictures to Help You Plan Your Project
These walkway landscaping pictures may provide you with design ideas for your own yard. My photos of walkways show examples of the variety of materials ...
Design for Stone Paver Walkways - Landscaping - About.com
These large stone pavers are a great material to use to design stone paver walkways. A design that alternates between one large stone paver and two smaller ...
How to Build a Stone Walkway - Landscaping - About.com
Learn how to build stone walkways, if you need to create a sturdy, attractive path from Point A to Point B. You can build a stone walkway that is either curved or ...
Brick Patterns | Pictures of Brick Patterns for Patios and Walkways ...
How about patterns for patios vs patterns for walkways? Here's your chance to get a brief education on brick patterns, which will help with your patio project, ...
Walkway Ideas - Landscaping - About.com
You can build walkways out of a myriad of different materials and in a number of styles. Which you choose will depend on such factors as cost, what your tastes ...
Building Curved Walkways - What's the Reason Behind This Design?
Learn why walkways are sometimes built curved, rather than being straight. There's a design reason behind this choice, as I explain here.
Picture of Flagstone Walkway - Landscaping - About.com
Want to wend your way from street to front door on something more attractive than a plain, utilitarian path? Flagstone walkways can inject some color into the ...
How to Design a Walkway Video - Landscaping - About.com
Walkways can be used a number of different ways in landscapes. This About.com video will show how to design the different types of walkway that you're likely ...
Picture of Walkway Made of Pavers - Landscaping - About.com
Not only that, but walkways made from concrete pavers provide a uniform, level surface on which to walk. This paver walkway is another example of a straight ...
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