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Building Walkways or Pathways - Design Considerations
Building walkways or pathways is a solution to connect point A to point B. With proper design, the project addresses foot traffic wearing out your grass.
Stone Walkway Design - Pictures to Help You Plan Your Project
Use these pictures of stone walkways to choose materials for your own. My photos show examples of a various materials used for paths, as well as design ideas.
How to Build a Stone Walkway - Landscaping - About.com
Learn how to build stone walkways, if you need to create a sturdy, attractive path from Point A to Point B. You can build a stone walkway that is either curved or ...
How to Design a Walkway Video - Landscaping - About.com
Walkways can be used a number of different ways in landscapes. This About.com video will show how to design the different types of walkway that you're likely ...
Walkway Ideas - Landscaping - About.com
You can build walkways out of a myriad of different materials and in a number of styles. Which you choose will depend on such factors as cost, what your tastes ...
Picture of Walkway Made of Pavers - Landscaping - About.com
Not only that, but walkways made from concrete pavers provide a uniform, level surface on which to walk. This paver walkway is another example of a straight ...
Building Curved Walkways - What's the Reason Behind This Design?
Learn why walkways are sometimes built curved, rather than being straight. There's a design reason behind this choice, as I explain here.
Picture of Flagstone Walkway - Landscaping - About.com
Want to wend your way from street to front door on something more attractive than a plain, utilitarian path? Flagstone walkways can inject some color into the ...
Picture of a Cobblestone Walkway - Landscaping - About.com
Cobblestones are a popular choice of materials for formal walkway design. In this picture, notice how well they harmonize with the granite doorstep.
Brick Patterns | Pictures of Brick Patterns for Patios and Walkways ...
How about patterns for patios vs patterns for walkways? Here's your chance to get a brief education on brick patterns, which will help with your patio project, ...
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