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When Should I Be Watering Trees in Fall? - Landscaping - About.com
It's not enough to know why you should be watering trees in fall (the subject of the prior FAQ); you also need to know when to do it -- and when not to do it.
Watering Evergreen Trees in Autumn Protects Against Winter Damage
Why should you be watering evergreen trees in autumn? How can this protect them from winter damage? Find out in this FAQ.
Watering Plants in Autumn - The When and the Why - Landscaping
The dropping of the leaves on deciduous trees later in autumn is a convenient signal, a visual cue that it's time for watering plants to prepare them for winter.
Tips For Watering Trees in Autumn - Trees & Shrubs - About.com
Now is the time to think about properly watering your trees in autumn to help ensure against damage in the winter. In the middle of winter, the ground is frozen.
How to Water a Tree and When Not to Water a Tree - Forestry
The basics on watering a tree and tips on when you have watered the tree too much.
Care for and Keep a Cut Christmas Tree Fresh - Forestry - About.com
For easier watering, buy a funnel and a 3 to 4 foot tube. Slip the tube over the funnel outlet, extend the tubing down into the tree stand and water without bending ...
What Fall Tree Care Will You Need to Do?
At the beginning of autumn, stop watering until the leaves fall from the trees. Once they fall, water your trees until the ground freezes so they will have enough  ...
Tree Transplant Shock - Caring for Newly Replanted Trees - Forestry
Trees that are moved and relocated are always in danger of transplant shock. ... Don't: Forget to provide supplemental watering which is critical for avoiding ...
The Drought Resistant Tree - Watering a Tree During Drought
Most well-established trees can tolerate some drought, although much depends on the drought resistance of certain species and whether they are growing on ...
How to Winterize Your Dormant Trees - Forestry - About.com
Dry spells in winter or hot daytime temperatures will desiccate a tree very quickly. Watering may be needed where soils are cool but not frozen, and there has ...
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