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Wooden Structures for Lawns and Gardens - Landscaping - About.com
Wooden structures can be functional (e.g., storage sheds), making your yard maintenance easier. They can also be decorative, as in the case of gazebos and  ...
How to Build Garden Arbors Cheaply - Landscaping - About.com
The design in this project calls for a 2-post wooden arbor; but you can apply the same principles to a larger structure (a 4-post structure will be more likely to ...
Landscaping - TopPicks
Outdoor holiday decorations can complement the landscaping in your yard. ... Wooden structures can be functional (e.g., storage sheds), making your yard ...
Structures and Accessories in Japanese Gardens - Pool & Patio
The most widely recognized structure in a Japanese garden is a tea house. ... Materials used should be simple and natural, like unpainted wood, bamboo or ...
10 Best Wooden Swing Sets for Your Backyard - Stay-At-Home Moms
The Backyard Discovery Arizona Cedar wooden swing set has so many ... Gorilla Playsets offers a 10-year warranty on structural wood components and a ...
10 Considerations When Buying Outdoor Storage Sheds
Don't scalp your lawn if you want to have healthy grass (image) · Don't Let Your Lawn Fall ... 10 Shrubs and Vines for Putting Fall Color into Your Yard · Trees for  ...
How to Build Outdoor Wooden Decks - Zoning Laws - Landscaping
You have many choices when building a wooden deck. However ... Trying to create that "beach boardwalk" look in your backyard? .... Stone Walls and Patios · Structures, Strategies for Outdoor Living; How to Build Outdoor Wooden Deck...
Wrought Iron Gates vs Wood - Landscaping - About.com
The weight of the wood will naturally cause the structure to sag whereas a metal unit is held together ... 10 Shrubs and Vines for Putting Fall Color into Your Yard.
Termite Control and Mulching Near House Foundations - Landscaping
And how close should the mulch be allowed to come to a wooden surface? ... of exposed foundation between the top of the planting bed and the wood sill plate of the house structure. ... 10 Shrubs and Vines for Putting Fall Color into Your Yard.
Outdoor Living Spaces - Divide and Conquer
Blue painted wooden seat on lawn by border - bronze fennel, osteospermum, ... Think of the structural components of outdoor living spaces in terms of their ...
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