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Choosing Rocks for Building Stone Walls


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Types of Rocks for Stone Walls - Mix and Match
A variety of stones mixed together can make a beautiful stone wall

When choosing rocks for building a stone wall, try mixing a variety of kinds together. You'll have to find a way to make square ones and round ones fit together, which can be quite fun.

Joe Norton

Mix and Match

When building a stone wall, you aren't limited to using a single kind of rock. Sometimes, it's fun to mix a variety of rocks together. This can really get your creative juices flowing. The stone wall pictured here was built with a large variety of rocks. There are large types, small types, flat types, round types, and irregularly shaped types. All this variety adds visual interest to the stone wall.

Not only can this option be beautiful, it can save you money, too. By mixing rock types, you can use rocks from different sources. You can find stones for sale online. You can find leftover stones on construction sites. You can find discounted stones at stone yards. Put all of these rocks together and you can build a spectacular stone wall.

Here's a tip: if you're going to be building a stone wall like this, mix your rocks together at the beginning of the project. You don't want to start the wall with one type of rock only to run out half way through and have to switch to a different kind. Or maybe you do. But take it into account before you start. Use this formula to determine how much stone you need to build your stone wall.

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