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Common Names of Plants - U-Z

From Sweet Vernal to Zebra Grass


The following are the common names of plants I cover beginning with the letters U-Z. To read more information about any of the entries, simply click its link.

Some of the plants listed below are strongly associated with particular times of the year. For example, sweet vernal is a wonderful spring plant (indeed, "vernal" means "pertaining to spring"). Victoria blue salvia is treated as an annual in the North and furnishes your landscaping with an exquisite blue color all summer. Winterberry's peak display period in my region (zone 5) is around the Thanksgiving holiday (U.S.). And yews boast a longstanding association with Christmas.

If you don't see what you were looking for in the entries below, go to my Common Plant Names index.

Common Names of Plants, U-Z

Umbrella Pine, Japanese
Vernal, Sweet Viburnum, Arrowwood Viburnum, Doublefile
Viburnum, Koreanspice Victoria Blue Salvia Vinca Vine
Violets, Wild (Common) Virginia Bluebells
Virginia Creeper Virginia Sweetspire Volcano Ruby Garden Phlox
Washington Hawthorn Trees
Weigela White Ash Trees White Birch Trees
White Oak Trees White Pine, Japanese Dwarf Willow, Pussy
Winter Jasmine Winterberry Wisteria
Witch Hazel Plants Wolf Eyes Dogwood Trees Woodruff, Sweet
Wood Spurge
Yarrow Yellow Alyssum Yellow Archangel
Yellow Birch Trees Yellow Poplar Trees (False) Yellow Twig Dogwood Trees
Yew Zebra Grass
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