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Tall Privacy Hedge Trees: Best Choices

The best choices for tall privacy-hedge trees are evergreen, but I also offer 2 deciduous choices. While we think of hedges as being shrub borders, trees are the best choice when you need a tall screen. E.g., when a neighbor's upstairs window looks down right into your yard, it takes something tall to screen out the view.

Lombardy Poplars
Lombardy poplars, although long popular as tall privacy hedge trees, have now fallen out of favor. Find out why, and also learn some tricks for working with Lombardy poplars (should you decide to go against current sentiment and plant them anyway).

Deciduous Hedge Trees: Beeches
Among the deciduous options for a privacy hedge, beech trees probably have the best reputation, along with hedge maples (Acer campestre). The nice thing about beeches is that they hold onto their leaves for a long time. Consequently, even though they're not evergreen, they do serve to screen out the public view for the majority of the year.

Leyland Cypress
The virtue of Leyland cypress is that it's fast-growing. But the drawback of Leyland cypress is also that it's fast-growing. Why? Because (in a small yard, at least), a fast grower will need more trimming. But if you have the room (and the energy), this evergreen is a good choice for a tall privacy hedge.

Best Tall Evergreen Privacy Hedge: Arborvitae
Arborvitae bears an evergreen foliage similar to that of Leyland cypress but, being hardier, is a more popular choice in the North. Technically a shrub, arborvitae offers dense growth, another feature that makes it perhaps the best choice for a tall privacy hedge.

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