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Holiday Decorating Pictures

The premise behind assembling these holiday decorating pictures is that we can learn from others -- and that includes in our decorating projects. That's my job: to inspire you to make your yard look like a million bucks and show you how you can do it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; so feel free to make use of these decorating ideas that your peers have implemented! My holiday pictures include photos of Halloween and Christmas displays.

Outdoor Easter Decorations
If you don't celebrate the Easter holiday (in a religious sense), should you still consider displaying outdoor Easter decorations (I'm talking secular ornaments like colorful eggs)? Sure! I, myself regard these ornaments as a way to add some much-needed color to the early-spring yard here in New England, which is otherwise rather blah.

Christmas Light Displays
I offer pictures of outdoor Christmas light displays to help you arrive at ideas for your own holiday decor. Browse my images for inspiration on how to brighten the winter yard.

Christmas Scenes
How do you decorate for Christmas? Some folks like to stay pretty low-key with their Christmas scenes, restricting themselves to a few choice, simple ornaments. Others go whole-hog and overwhelm the senses with their decorations My holiday pictures reveal examples of both styles, from kissing balls to Christmas inflatables.

Pictures of Christmas Inflatables
Many hold strong views on Christmas inflatables displayed on the lawn and wonder how anyone can stoop so low in their decor taste. What one has to understand, though, is that it's a kid thing: many adults who deign to display Christmas inflatables are swallowing their pride and doing it "for the children."

Cute Christmas Pics
My cute Christmas pics reveal some ideas that you may wish to implement in your own winter yard. The pictures in this image gallery are cut from the same cloth as similar holiday pictures I've assembled here for Halloween decorating: they'll put a smile on your face and ideas on your decorating agenda.

Inflatable Christmas Decorations
Love them or hate them, you have to admit that there's a growing variety of options in inflatable Christmas decorations from which to choose. Some are even animated now! If you're new to this type of ornament and have little idea as to what's available, consider my pictures of inflatable Christmas decorations as an introduction.

Scary Halloween Pictures
While I enjoy all the subjects that I photograph, I must say that some of my favorites are the scary Halloween pics found here. I tell you, there are a lot of creative people out there! And their creativity -- brought to you via these images -- can inform your fall decorating style.

Funny Halloween Pictures
When you think about it, Halloween is a rather funny celebration, period. What exactly are we celebrating that it inspires us to festoon the lawn and porch with wretched-looking, ghoulish figures that we'd be loath to meet in real life (who would celebrate bumping into a real-life Frankenstein in a dark alley?)?

Free Jack-o'-Lantern Patterns
Have you ever been carving a pumpkin when, suddenly, your knife slips? Whoops! So much for the precision of your design. But with the guidance of these free jack-o'-lantern patterns, at least you'll have something to guide you visually, rather than trusting yourself to carve freehand. I explain how you can use them as stencils.

Pumpkin Faces
There are only so many ways to decorate a Halloween pumpkin, right? No, as you'll find out by perusing my Halloween pumpkin faces, the possibilities are actually almost unlimited. Artists paint, glue and carve features onto their pumpkins, and the themes of the art work range from the political to the pedestrian.

Halloween Images
Fall foliage, the harvest and Halloween yard decorations are the subjects of this photo gallery. The focus of both the harvesting and decorating is -- not surprisingly -- on pumpkins. Browse to gain some ideas for decorating and planting your own autumn yard.

Scary Pumpkin Stencils
Tired of the same old jack o'lantern faces for Halloween? Try one of my scary pumpkin stencils for something new. These free templates are ideal for people who aren't very good at freehand drawing (that would be most of us!). Bookmark this gallery and my other stencil galleries and you'll have a design library to return to every Halloween!

July 4th Plantings: Red, White and Blue Flowers
Americans who wish to display their patriotism in their landscaping often make July 4th plantings in honor of Independence Day, using combinations of red, white and blue flowers. If you'd like to try a new combination but find yourself stumped, this article alerts you to some flower selections you may not have thought of.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations
Need help with your outdoor Halloween decorations this fall? I offer creative ideas as well as hand-on advice. My pictures and tutorials will have your yard the talk of the neighborhood in October.

Pumpkin Pictures for Carving Ideas
Have a look at these pumpkin pictures to get the creative juices flowering this Halloween. Not only will you find new carving ideas, but also patterns (templates) to guide your hand and a carving tutorial.

Scarecrow Pictures
The harvest season brings out the creativity in people. That's one reason why I like to travel (camera in hand) in fall. When traveling one autumn in the Finger Lakes region of New York to sample their landscaping prowess, I stumbled upon some wonderful holiday yard displays for Halloween. Peruse the holiday pictures in this gallery for ideas.

Scarecrow Ideas
What I like about making scarecrows (and taking pictures of them) is that it's something of a free-for-all. As long as your work of art mimics the human figure, most anything goes, although I prefer the scarecrows that at least pay lip service to traditional designs for the Halloween holiday.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations Using Greenery
Do you prefer outdoor Christmas decorations made up of greenery, berries, etc., as opposed to gaudy ornaments? Then these pictures may inspire you with some decorating ideas you can use.

Christmas Flowers
Winter for many of us lovers of the outdoors in the North is about "losing ourselves" in some pursuit (e.g., decorating for the holidays). That way, we take our minds off the fact that the garden is dead. Jamie McIntosh suggests some winter diversions in her photo gallery of Christmas flowers. Jamie has some ideas for decorating with flowers and plants -- a nice complement to cutting evergreens for Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, etc.

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