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Pictures of Outdoor Christmas Lights

A Sampling of Lit Displays to Inspire Decorating Ideas


Pictures of outdoor Christmas lights are fun to look at, even though the real thing is obviously better. I take my mother out every year at holiday time for "the tour." This ritual consists of driving around my home town (and outlying areas) in search of the best lit displays in people's yards. It's one of the best parts of the holiday season for me.

As enjoyable as it is just to look at such decorations, that's not why I am offering you this photo gallery. No, its purpose is to give you ideas for decorating your own yard. My pictures of outdoor Christmas lights have something for everyone, from the tasteful to the "tacky." The display possibilities are almost endless, and I hope my images and commentary will spur your imagination.

So put on your night vision goggles and enjoy the pictures of outdoor Christmas lights below:

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These jumbo-size Christmas lights are over 16 inches high.Christmas Light Pictures: Jumbo-Size Outdoor Christmas LightsPhoto of a large Christmas bulb as part of a garland decoration on a fence.A More Tasteful Jumbo Christmas LightHow about a lit angel for a Christmas light decoration (image)?Lit Angel Christmas DecorationPicture of teddy bears, which are popular Christmas decorations.Christmas Light Picture: Teddy Bears
Xmas lights photo showing a spinning top.Spinning Like a Spinning TopPhoto of a toy soldier (sometimes called a "nutcracker") figure made from Christmas lights.Lighted Nutcracker Ornament for the YardPhoto of Christmas lights decoration in the form of a train.Lighted Christmas TrainsPhoto of of Xmas lights in shape of gingerbread man and gingerbread house.Lighted Gingerbread Man, Lighted Gingerbread House
Santa and his sleigh, with reindeer -- it's a classic in Christmas lights.Reindeer With Outdoor Christmas LightsPhoto of lighted Christmas garlands.Lighted Christmas GarlandsPicture of Christmas lights: elf holding lantern.Santa's Helper Lit Up for ChristmasThis elf comes bearing Christmas presents.Santa's Helper Bearing Gifts
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