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Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Delight the Kids With Airblown Inflatables for Christmas


Kids love inflatable Christmas decorations. Adults? Not so much, generally. If you were alive when the Berlin Wall came down, there's a good chance you detest these "blow-ups" and prefer Christmas decorations using greenery. But if you're willing to give in to your kids' tastes this Noel, use my pictures of airblown ornaments to aid you in selecting between the various types.

Before you bring these holiday ornaments into the neighborhood, be aware that many adults despise them, so you might experience some funny looks (or worse yet, vandalism). From a kid's perspective, though, you have to admit they've come a long way. The ability of the inflatable Christmas decorations on the market now to display movement is a major step forward. For instance, there is an inflatable Ferris wheel that actually rotates! Santa Claus, a snowman, and 4 other figures take a spin on it. Some of the inflatable snow globes also feature moving parts, as do the chimney scenes included in my pictures below.

They may never be regarded as tasteful, but if you decorate to please the kids, then a moving inflatable Christmas decoration is the ultimate! When you're through viewing this gallery, you may wish to visit another gallery to see more pictures of Christmas inflatables.

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Picture of inflatable sleigh, with inflatable Santa Claus and reindeer.Picture of Inflatable SleighPhoto: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.Inflatable Grinch Christmas DecorationPhoto of Santa in inflatable toy box.Airblown Lawn Ornament: Santa ClausMickey Mouse is accompanied by a friend, also in elf garb.Mickey Mouse in Elf Clothes
Picture of inflatable Mickey Mouse Christmas decoration.Inflatable Mickey Mouse Christmas DecorationPhoto showing outdoor inflatable Santa in inflatable plane, loaded with Christmas presents.Outdoor Ornament: Santa Claus in a PlanePhoto showing inflatable snowman straddling an inflatable Christmas tree with his legs.Picture: Snowman and Christmas TreePicture of inflatable Winnie the Pooh dressed as Santa Claus, driving inflatable train.Winnie the Pooh Picture
Picture of inflatable Christmas ornament.Christmas Ornament PictureIn this inflatable snowman picture, a snow pile serves as a suitable backdrop.Inflatable Christmas Display PicturePicture of an inflatable Tigger.Picture: Tigger the TigerPicture of inflatable reindeer.Inflatable Reindeer Picture
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