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Vinca Minor Groundcover: Option for Shade
Picture of vinca.

Image: Vinca minor with its pretty blue flowers.

David Beaulieu

Vinca minor groundcover, or "common periwinkle," is widely used as a landscape plant to suppress weeds in parts of one's landscaping dominated by shade.

Its pretty blue flowers and shade tolerance may make it attractive, but be aware that Vinca minor is considered an invasive plant.

Incidentally, Vinca major ("bigleaf periwinkle" or "big periwinkle") has bigger flowers but is less tolerant of shade and not as cold-hardy. Vinca major 'Variegata' is the most popular cultivar. This is a variegated foliage plant you often see cascading down the edges of hanging pots or window boxes. Because it is not as cold-hardy, I do not believe it is as invasive in the North as is Vinca minor.

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