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Pictures of Trees and Shrubs

Viewing pictures of trees and shrubs can inspire you to undertake your own plantings. What's your taste? My photos offer something for every taste, showing examples of shrubs for foundation plantings, small and tall trees, evergreen and flowering shrubs, fall foliage standouts, etc. Follow the appended links to learn how to grow whatever plants "jump off the page" for you.

Types of Flowering Trees
There's a little something here for everyone. Some of the types of flowering trees I've photographed are giants, while others are more accurately termed large "shrubs." Looking for a tree with variegated leaves? Or maybe you're seeking a tree that can tolerate the pounding desert heat of the American Southwest?

Pictures of Flowering Shrubs
Images of flowering shrubs can give you ideas for your own plant selection in your pursuit of that amazing landscape design you always hoped for. Browse these landscaping pictures to view examples of some of the finest blooming bushes of spring and summer. I present a wide array of choices in these photos.

Pictures of Flowering Trees
You'll see some specimens among my pictures of flowering trees with which you may be intimately familiar: cherry, crabapple and apple, for example. But have you ever seen a Dawn Japanese apricot tree? Have you ever grown a golden chain tree (Laburnum), not to be confused with golden rain tree?

Pictures of Evergreen Shrubs
Many readers ask me to recommend some type of bush they can plant to achieve privacy in the backyard. If you want year-round privacy, it's hard to beat evergreens. While many homeowners choose to plant rows of evergreen shrubs with the intention of shearing them regularly to form traditional hedges, another option is a looser arrangement.

Pictures of Foundation Plantings
Seeing what other homeowners have done with their foundation beds can give you ideas for your own shrubbery selection. These images of foundation plantings show shrubbery used in a variety of designs near houses. I pay attention especially to how to use color effectively in foundation beds.

Fall Foliage Pictures
I am a native New Englander, so an appreciation for maple trees could almost be said to be in my blood. If you don't already grow a type of maple in your landscape (or desire another one), view my best fall foliage images of maple trees and determine whether there is a specimen here that deserves a spot in your own landscape design.

Types of Roses
Yes, as Shakespeare said, a rose "by any other name would smell as sweet." But in certain cases, it's important to name names. If I show you a picture of a spectacular rose shrub but fail to name it, how do you know what to ask for at the nursery? So you'll pardon me if I do a little name dropping in this photo gallery -- it is for your own good!

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