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Get Rid of Rodent Pests!

How do you get rid of rodent pests successfully? Well, begin with proper identification and detecting the culprit in a timely fashion. After you know what you're fighting, you'll then need to select a pest control method that suits your temperament and needs.

Voles: Lawn and Garden Pests
How do you tell a mole from a vole? Start with the hole! That is, when dealing with subterranean pests, it may be difficult to get a look at the actual critter. So it's easier to identify the pest by observing what it leaves behind. Voles do a job on lawns, eat your plants' roots and damage the bark on shrubs and trees.

Getting Rid of Groundhogs
Groundhogs can allegedly predict an early spring. But when they invade your landscaping, it’s time for you to make accurate predictions. Signs of a groundhog’s presence help predict the need to take measures against groundhogs. Avoid disaster by knowing the signs they leave behind and acting to get rid of these rodent pests.

Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders
The spinning squirrel-proof feeders are among the best for getting rid of these rodent pests. The principle behind them is that let the squirrel's weight activates the ejection mechanism, while birds, which are "light as a feather," are allowed to feed to their hearts' content.

Getting Rid of Moles
Like rabbits, moles are not rodents. The distinction has some practical import, because moles have a diet that differs from that of rodent pests. Realizing what moles eat is important on two levels: you can rule out certain kinds of damage as being mole damage; plus you'll know how to bait a mole trap.

What's the Difference Between a Mole and a Vole?
If you have not already taken a look at the articles above about moles and voles, then you'll want to check out this one. Discover the difference between voles and moles. Also learn why the distinction matters (after all, this is not a theoretical exercise).

More Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeders
Many people who love gardening also love watching the wild birds come to a birdfeeder during the winter. But they become tired of having squirrels clean out their feeders before the birds have a chance! Bird food is expensive, so it behooves you to learn as much as you can about feeders that keep rodents at bay.

Roof Rats
Some kinds of plants draw roof rats, which means that, if you grow them too close to your home, you're just asking for a rodent invasion. Judy Hedding tells us what those plants are in this article. The lineup includes cypress, yucca, pampas grass, palm trees and honeysuckle vines.

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