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Top 6 Lawn and Garden Decor Gifts


You work hard to achieve a certain look in your landscaping. Your plant selection and lawn care are impeccable. You toil countless hours pruning, fertilizing and watering. So you and your landscape deserve the best in lawn and garden decor. Put the finishing touches on your lawn and garden design. Quality lawn and garden decor makes that final statement that sets a landscape apart. Lawn and garden decorations also make fine gifts, in case you need to shop for other lovers of the outdoors.

1. Birdbaths

Many gardeners enjoy watching the antics of wild birds and incorporate bird-friendly elements in their landscaping. Birdbaths are a great example. They will not only provide the birds with refreshing water but also enhance your lawn and garden decor -- especially if you select one with an attractive design. Clicking the "Compare Prices" button will take you to a price comparison list featuring a number of highly attractive birdbaths.
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2. Water Fountains

Fountains are lawn and garden decor classics. Others among these colorful water fountains are intended for indoor decor. The outdoor water fountains will bring you an element no landscape design should be without -- the sound of running water (also see Item 5 below).
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3. Gazing Balls

How would you like the beauty offered by gazing balls without the potential for breakage? Then you need a stainless steel or copper gazing ball. Click the "Compare Prices" button to check on availability. The page you'll come to will display other types of gazing balls, too. Some are quite fancy. For instance, there's a "fiber-optic" gazing ball. Be forewarned: the fancy ones do break!
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4. Gnome Statues

Trends in statuary come and go. Pink flamingoes used to be the rage; they're still used, but now make a counter-statement ("I'm so chic, I can even get away with displaying pink flamingoes!"). The hot item now is the gnome. Perhaps their popularity is due to their evocation of the beloved fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Displaying a gnome is a quick way to inject Old-World charm and playful fantasy into your yard. Excellent gift idea for friends and relatives with an imagination.
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5. Wishing Wells for Lawn and Garden Decor

Wishing wells fit nicely into the cottage landscape style. Picture a yard marked off by a white picket fence and boasting a profusion of colorful perennial flowers. Wouldn't a rustic wishing well look nice, situated in the middle of such enchanting surroundings? But wishing wells complement other styles, as well. They're helpful in establishing focal points. Many homeowners use them as planters and, when bedecked by vines, they seem as firmly rooted in the landscape as revered old trees.
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6. Decorative Lawn and Garden Stakes

There's something here for everyone. Some of these decorative stakes are also practical, displaying your house number in a most charming fashion. Others are simply artistic creations, topped with suns or moons, birds or ladybugs, and much more. Click the "Compare Prices" button to check on availability of specific designs.
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