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Top 3 Outdoor Thanksgiving Decorations


Trying to come up with ideas for outdoor Thanksgiving decorations? Take comfort in the fact that there's a continuity in themes between the 2 big fall holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. Yes, after Halloween, it's time to retire spooky decor. But the fundamental landscape design theme for both holidays is the harvest. All your corn stalks, squash, indian corn, pumpkins, wreaths, scarecrows and gourds serve just as well as outdoor Thanksgiving decorations. Simply add turkeys and Pilgrims!

1. Outdoor Thanksgiving Decorations: Turkey Flags

There's a flag (banner) for just about every occasion now. Considering the paucity of outdoor Thanksgiving decorations available, one would expect to see many Thanksgiving flags -- and I do see many of them in my region (New England).

What I like about this outdoor Thanksgiving decoration:

In addition to flags, inflatables for this holiday are becoming more popular. But flags are more tasteful than inflatables. And this is, after all, a tasteful holiday.

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2. Outdoor Thanksgiving Decorations: Dog Flag

Dogs dressed up as Pilgrims and Indians? Yeah, that's what you'll find on this flag. If you have a sense of humor and/or are a dog lover, this banner may be for you.

What I like about this outdoor Thanksgiving decoration:

It's off-beat. People sometimes get tired of seeing turkeys, pumpkins, horns of plenty, etc. on flags. This ornament supplies something different.

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3. Outdoor Thanksgiving Decorations: Autumn Flag

This flag's harvest scheme makes it a perfect front door decoration to bridge the gap between Halloween and Christmas seasons.

What I like about this outdoor Thanksgiving decoration:

Because there's nothing about it that specifically says "Thanksgiving" (I consider cornucopias a generic fall ornament), you can put up this wreath early and keep it up till it's time to trot out the Christmas ornaments.

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