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Top 3 Wooden Structures for Lawns and Gardens


Wooden structures can be functional, making yard maintenance easier. For instance, wood storage sheds provide easy access to tools and lawn mowers. Wooden structures can also be both functional and decorative, as in the case of gazeboes and garden arbors.

1. Garden Arbors: Wooden Structures for Shade and More

Garden arbors are wooden structures used for trellising. For instance, there are the classic grape arbors, in which case the wooden structure serves a horticultural function: namely, providing support for a crop.

But vine-covered wooden structures can also serve as privacy screens. Another function is to provide shade, including on decks and patios. But they can also be purely decorative, forming archways to garden entrances. Or they can serve as entry gates for yards surrounded by fencing.

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2. Gazeboes: Wooden Structures for Dining

Would you enjoy your yard more if you had a covered wooden structure out there in which to take your meals or munch on a snack? Sort of an outdoor room? Enter the gazebo. Depending on the style you select (hit the "Compare Prices" button for pictures), these wooden structures can also add to the beauty of your lawn and garden decor.
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3. Do You Want Vinyl or Wooden Structures for Storage?

Need more storage space, but you don't want a big wooden structure plunked down in the middle of the yard? Not to worry. This resource offers sheds for those with light to moderate storage needs. Some of these sheds add a touch of style to your lawn and garden decor (click the "Compare Prices" button to check for availability).

When talking about storage units for the yard, the issue of materials often comes up. What's better, a wooden shed or a vinyl shed? In my article on outdoor storage buildings, I discuss both. If you want low-maintenance, vinyl is probably your best bet. When you click the "Compare Prices" button that follows, you'll find that most (if not all) of the choices are vinyl.

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