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Alternatives to Lawn Grasses for Low Maintenance

Have you ever questioned why we grow lawn grasses at all? Lawns have their place, but before you grow a big one, evaluate exactly how you propose to use the area in question. Then ask if the upkeep and expense will be worth it. If you answer no, consider the alternatives to lawn grasses, in addition to typical ground covers.

How to Get Rid of Grass
Let's assume that you've found an alternative to lawn grass that works for you. Now what? Well, your task now is to remove the unwanted vegetation (i.e., turf), clearing the way for your new choice. Learn here how to get rid of grass.

Ornamental Grass
In conducting a conversation about lawn grass alternatives, it's important to note that not all grasses are created equal. Turf grass is what lawns are composed of; ornamental grass is another subject altogether. It's one of the best examples of a low-maintenance plant.

Clover as an Alternative to Lawn Grasses
You may think of clover as more of a lawn "weed" than an alternative to lawn grasses. But seed companies, recognizing clover's value, used to include clover seed in grass-seed mixes. In seeking a low-maintenance alternative to lawns, I consider the merits of clover as a lawn alternative, after opening remarks that distinguish 4-leaf clovers from shamrocks.

Xeriscaping: It's Not "Zeroscaping"
When "xeriscaping" is misspelled or mispronounced as if it were "zeroscaping" (a common occurrence), the image that comes to mind is that of a blank landscape, a boring landscape -- a big fat zero! But when implemented correctly, xeriscaping is pretty and offers a practical alternative to lawn grasses.

Moss: Alternative to Lawn Grasses in the Shade
Does your lawn suffer due to excessive shade? Are you constantly battling moss? Maybe it's time to conclude, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" After all, moss is a more natural plant for shady areas than is grass (observe what grows in the shade in nature). Some find it attractive, once they get over the "lawn weed" tag.

Kill Your Lawn Grass and Open Up a Planting Bed
Do not be dissuaded from replacing lawn grasses with something more interesting and/or low-maintenance by the notion that you'd have to apply some deadly poison in order to kill the grass. There's an organic way to do it without resorting to back-breaking digging.

Replacing the Lawn With a Patio Xeriscape
Interesting article from Less Lawn.com on saving time and money by covering a lawn area with patio stones, effectively eliminating the lawn. In place of a lawn you are left with an extended patio. The technique is inexpensive, precludes drought problems and, depending on your tastes, may even be an aesthetic enhancement.

Mountain Moss Enterprises
Annie Martin is all about going green -- but with moss, not grass! "Eco-friendly mosses offer sustainable solutions for shade gardeners, green roofers and landscapers," writes Annie. Her website includes a blog where she offers moss FAQs, environmental perspectives and green issues.

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