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Cheap Landscaping Ideas

Are you a budget landscaper committed to frugal living (in other words, a "cheapskate")? These cheap landscaping ideas are dedicated to the proposition that ingenuity can create a landscape that looks like a million bucks while costing you very little. Learn how to use drought-tolerant plants (xeriscaping) for saving money on irrigation, and lawn alternatives for saving money on poisons, fertilizer and mowing.
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Ten Landscaping Tricks and Tips to Lower Costs, Have a Beautiful Yard
What landscaping tips and tricks can I share with you? No, the question is, Where do I begin? This article will at least get the ball rolling and will be quite helpful to beginners, especially. Learn about such tricks as recycling everyday items for use in the garden and maximizing your landscaping's appeal with minimal effort.

Cheap Landscaping Ideas for Homeowners on a Budget
I've never understood the expression, "The money was burning a hole in my pocket." Either my money is cooler than other people's, or my pockets better insulated! Actually, I wear the label "cheapskate" as a badge of honor. If, like me, you feel money's too hard to acquire to let it slip through your fingers needlessly, you'll want to peruse these cheap landscaping ideas.

Money-Saving Tips for Fall -- Annual Flower Bargains
People typically don't think of annuals when it comes to fall plantings. But if you procure annuals when garden centers put them on sale in summer, you have at your disposal some colorful characters for autumn displays -- and all at very little cost. This is a great cheap landscaping idea for those with a green thumb.

Install a Simple Drip Irrigation System
One can be frugal about expending one's time and energy, too, in addition to spending money. Installing a drip irrigation system represents "cheap landscaping" on more than one level. It's an idea that will save you time and energy (frustration, too, if you hate having constantly to monkey around with garden hoses).

Ideas for Recycling Christmas Trees
Here's just one example of being both earth-friendly and wallet-friendly in your landscaping. Don't throw out that Christmas tree at the end of the holiday season! There are all kinds of ways to turn this holiday icon into items of use in your landscaping. It just takes a little creativity and forethought.

Recycle Plastic Pots Into Plant Labels
Have you ever tried using those plant labels that accompany the plants you purchase at the garden center? Not very practical, are they? It's easy to lose them in the mulch, and it's difficult to read them from a distance. But this tutorial shows you how to make your own (more practical) labels -- and out of free (recycled) materials, to boot.

Recycling: Where "Cheap" and "Earth-Friendly" Meet
The idea of "saving the planet" may be a bit too grandiose for some (I remember comedian, George Carlin mocking it). But there's incentive for those of a more modest demeanor to recycle, too. It's called "saving money." Often, you can re-use something instead of throwing it out and having to go out and buy something new for your landscaping.

Deer-Resistant Plants: for When You Can't Afford to Feed Bambi
A simple, organic pest control method, planting deer-resistant plants saves you money, lest your garden become deer-food and you end up having to replace all those plants. And unlike installing deer fences to address the issue, this approach involves no additional cash-outlay.

Cheap Landscaping and More With Water Wells
Having a private water well can save you money in your landscaping efforts, yes. But even if saving money is not first and foremost on your mind, this cheap landscaping idea is worth contemplating. Why? Because when your town issues a ban on non-essential watering, your plants might take issue with the term "non-essential."

Ways to Save Money Landscaping: What Readers Say
Do you like the cheap landscaping ideas above? Maybe you have some ideas of your own to share? It doesn't take a genius to come up with this stuff, just some experience. And many of you have tons of experience gardening and landscaping your yards. If you don't have anything to share, yourself, at least check out suggestions others have made.

Water Conservation With Lawn Irrigation Systems
What kind of homeowner might be interested in a lawn irrigation system? Well, anyone on the go, for one. Also, anyone with a large lawn in a hot climate (although you may wish to re-think having such a lawn, period). And finally, those who wish to save water -- and money.

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