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Photos of Colorful Flowers

Colorful flowers are what comes to mind for many when you ask them what makes a design special. I preach the significance to a design of hardscape features and attractive leaves, but there's no doubt that colorful flowers impact curb appeal greatly. Once you understand the plant choices available, the real fun begins: mixing and matching!

Types of Wildflowers
Ready to go natural? These pictures of wildflowers may aid you in identifying colorful flowers that would look great in your own landscape. Just don't confuse "wildflowers" with "native flowers": those are two distinct concepts.

Pictures of Lavender Flowers
No, I'm not talking about the herb (Lavandula) that goes by the same name, although that plant is included here. Rather, this is a photo gallery of lavender-colored flowers and blossoms of similar colors (mauve, etc.). One of my favorites is lavender crocus, since it blooms around the time of year when its pastel hue is "in season."

Pictures of Red Flowers
Red is sometimes described as a "warm" color. Another way to put it would be to say that it's exciting, eye-grabbing. It may not be an especially intuitive concept, but red flowers can even make your yard look larger than it really is. Even if you don't buy into that idea, it's undeniable that red flowers will help draw viewers' attention.

Pictures of Black Flowers
OK, "black flowers" aren't technically black, just a purple so deep that they appear black. But that's good enough to make them very popular with gardeners looking for "something different" to grow. Whether you're looking to go Goth or just want to create memorable combinations, check out these dark blossoms.

Blue Flowers
Blue flowers are prized, being rarer than many other floral colors. This color also has a soothing affect. View my pictures of both annual and perennial blue flowers to help with plant selection.

Flowering Tree Pictures
If you need ideas for flowering trees to grow in your yard, scan these pictures. Most of these specimens are standouts in spring, but some of them boast assets that make them valued at other times of the year, too (e.g., birds will eat your crabapples later in the years, while dogwood's fall foliage is noteworthy). Others I don't recommend at all but include here to point out their negatives.

Pictures of Pink Flowers
Pink flowers have traditionally projected a certain daintiness. I supply examples in these shots to provide food for thought as you plan your garden. While most of you will probably be most interested in the perennials, I mention annuals as well as; they're useful for "plugging gaps" in your planting scheme.

Pictures of Purple Flowers
Are purple flowers the monarchs of the landscape (purple being the color of royalty)? Their beauty and their soothing effect make them popular, that much is for sure. Follow any of the links within this photo gallery to access additional information about the plants presented (such as growing requirements).

Pictures of White Flowers
Some people find white flowers boring (sort of the plain-vanilla of the floral world), but their "neutrality" makes them useful backdrops for other colors and they're indispensable in moon gardens. A glance at my photos may convince you that white is for more than just weddings (purity and all that).

Flowering Shrub Pictures
When I see the forsythia bushes in bloom, I know spring has truly arrived! Browse my flowering shrub pictures to view photos of some of the finest blooming bushes of spring and summer.

Pictures of Silver Foliage
We all love flowers. But after you've reached a certain level of sophistication in the home garden, you begin to realize, among other things, that a design based entirely on flowers is like a "puff piece" on a news channel: it looks good for a while, but it fades into obscurity quickly. Pretty foliage furnishes good looks that last.

Pictures of Orange Flowers
The orange flowers I introduce in this photo gallery are among my personal favorites. But then, who wouldn't enjoy the unique shapes of Calceolaria, Fritillaria and Crocosmia? For good measure, I even include an orange pod.

Pictures of Yellow Flowers
How can you stare into the face of a sunflower and not come away with a smile, even if you started out in a blue mood? That's part of the magic of yellow flowers, nature's anti-depressant. Scour these pictures of yellow flowers to decide on a favorite.

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