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Grow Black Flowers for Contrast, Novelty


The terminology "black flowers" is used loosely to refer to the darkest blooms available to growers. Similarly, there are plants with dark foliage termed "black," such as black shamrocks.

If you look closely, you'll usually see that so-called "black flowers" are such a deep purple that they just appear black. I show pictures of such specimens, as well as an example of a plant with dark foliage, in this photo gallery.

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Photo of black tulips.Black TulipsBlack iris picture.Picture of "Black" IrisPhoto of purple fountain grass.Purple Fountain Grass PicturePhoto of Black HollyhocksPhoto of Black Hollyhocks
Picture of butterfly bush.Picture of Butterfly BushPhoto of black elephant ears.Picture of Black Elephant Ears'Jungle Beauty' is perhaps the closest thing to a black lily.Black LilyPicture of the dark foliage of ninebark shrubs.Dark Foliage: Ninebark
Picture of heuchera plant with dark foliage.Heuchera Plant With Dark FoliagePicture of castor bean with 'black' foliage.Picture of "Black" Castor Bean LeafBlack pansy picture.Picture of a "Black" PansyIs this a picture of a black rose or just a deep red one?Picture of a "Black" Rose
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