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Grow Black Flowers for Contrast, Novelty


The terminology "black flowers" is used loosely to refer to the darkest blooms available to growers. Similarly, there are plants with dark foliage termed "black," such as black shamrocks.

If you look closely, you'll usually see that so-called "black flowers" are such a deep purple that they just appear black. I show pictures of such specimens, as well as an example of a plant with dark foliage, in this photo gallery.

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Purple morning glory vine picture.Purple Morning Glory: Almost Black FlowersImage of Coleus with dark leaves.Dark Coleus PhotoPhoto showing dark foliage of an ajuga plant.Dark Foliage of AjugaPhoto of Edens Magic Giant bergenia.Edens Magic Giant Bergenia Photo
Picture of purple leaf sand cherry's dark foliage.Picture of Sand CherrySmoke bush's foliage is dark enough to serve as a nice backdrop for brightly colored flowers.Shrubs With Dark Foliage: Smokebush
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