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Blue Flowers

A Bloom Color Prized for Meditation, Aesthetics


Proper use of color can influence mood and perception. Blue is considered a "cool color," meaning it tends to relax you. Thus for a meditation garden, blue flowers would be a logical choice. Of course, the draw of blue flowers goes beyond their soothing affect; many simply find them the most beautiful of blossoms. View my pictures of blue flowers to help with plant selection.
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Blue morning glory picture.Blue Morning GloryLupine picture.Blue Lupine PictureGentian sage picture.Gentian Sage PicturePhoto of Blue Hill salvia.Blue Hill Salvia
Picture of balloon flower in blue.Balloon Flower PicturePicture of Victoria blue salvia.'Victoria Blue' Salvia PicturePicture of blue poppy.Blue Poppy PictureScilla picture.Picture of Blue Scilla Bulb Plants
Grape hyacinths picture.Picture of Common Grape Hyacinth FlowersCornflowers picture.Picture of Blue CornflowerPicture of caryopteris shrub with bee.Picture of Caryopteris FlowersPicture of ageratum.Photo of Ageratum

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