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Pictures of Orange Flowers

Orange Flowers Bring Cheer to a Landscape


Not as bright as yellow flowers, not as "in your face" as red flowers, orange flowers still inject plenty of cheer into the landscape, whether solo or in combinations. For instance, I've seen many wonderful plant combinations that juxtapose orange flowers with blue flowers. Consult my pictures of orange flowers for some ideas for your own yard. In addition to flowers, I offer an example of orange berries and an example of an orange seed pod.
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Lantana picture.Lantana PictureOrange Asiatic daylily picture.Orange Daylily PicturePicture of calceolaria.Calceolaria Picture Pansy picture. Pansy Picture
Flowering maple trees can produce pale orange flowers, as in this picture.Flowering Maple PhotoPicture of orange tulips.Orange Tulip PicturePicture of butterfly weed.Butterfly Weed PictureChinese lantern picture. The pods of Chinese lantern plants are orange.Chinese Lantern Plant Picture
Picture of orange oriental poppies.Oriental Poppy PicturePicture of calendula plants with light orange flowers.Calendula PictureCrocosmia picture.Picture of Orange Lucifer Crocosmia FlowerOrange canna flower picture.Picture of Orange Canna Lily

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