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Chinese Lantern Plant Picture

Nightshade With Orange Light Shades


The "Chinese lantern" part of this plant is a calyx (sort of a seed pod) that holds a berry inside....
Chinese lantern picture. The pods of Chinese lantern plants are orange.

This plant's "Chinese lanterns" become orange by fall.

David Beaulieu

But beware the unripe berries of Chinese lanterns (Physalis alkekengi): they're toxic! But that's not surprising, considering Chinese lanterns are in the nightshade family, no stranger to toxicity. Other toxic plants in the nightshade family include bittersweet nightshade and angel's trumpet.

Chinese lanterns are perennials hardy to zone 4. Spreading via underground rhizomes, Chinese lanterns can be invasive. Many people grow Chinese lanterns for use in fall crafts.

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