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Picture of Orange Lucifer Crocosmia Flower


Picture of orange 'Lucifer' Crocosmia flower, a plant similar to gladiolus....
Crocosmia picture.

Crocosmia picture.

David Beaulieu
Grow Crocosmia flowers (formerly called "Montbretia") in full sun to part shade, in a well-drained soil. Crocosmia's foliage resembles that of iris, while its flowers remind one of freesia. Crocosmia is propagated via corms. Dig up the corms in autumn and store them away for winter if you live where it is too cold to over-winter them in the ground. Don't allow Crocosmia corms to dry out completely. 'Lucifer' Crocosmia reaches a height of about 3' and can be grown in hardiness zones 5-9.
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