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The color, pink is a tint of red, and pink flowers do share with red flowers a bit of the latter's flamboyance. The terminology, "pink flowers" is used here, for the sake of convenience, as something of a catch-all for a number of shades ranging from the very light pinks to very deep pinkish colors that are more accurately called "magenta," etc. and could just as easily be grouped with the purple flowers.

Many lovely plants bear blooms in this delicate color. View my pictures of pink flowers to aid you in your floral selection.

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Picture of foxglove flowers. Foxgloves are poisonous plants.FoxglovePicture of pink Phlox subulata. Mix pink Phlox subulata with other colors.Pink Phlox SubulataAngel's trumpet picture. As this photo shows, Angel's trumpets can come with pink flowers.Angel's Trumpet PicturePicture of Pink PetuniasPicture of Pink Petunias
Picture of pink Million Bells petunia (Calibrachoa).Pink Million BellsPink Primrose PicturePink Primrose PictureRagged robin picture.Ragged Robin PicturePicture of Pink Hyacinth FlowersPicture of Pink Hyacinth Flowers
Picture of Pink Weeping Higan Cherry Tree BlossomsPicture of Weeping Higan Cherry Tree BlossomsPicture of Mandevilla VinesPicture of Mandevilla VinesPicture of Pink Cosmos FlowersPicture of Pink Cosmos FlowerPicture of pink garden phlox plantsPicture of Pink Garden Phlox Plants
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