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Angel's Trumpet Picture

Brugmansia With Light Salmon Pink Flowers


Picture of angel's trumpet....
Angel's trumpet picture. As this photo shows, Angel's trumpets can come with pink flowers.

Angel's trumpet picture.

David Beaulieu

In addition to white angel's trumpet plants, Brugmansia does come in other colors, including yellow. The angel's trumpet shown in this picture is tinged with a light salmon pink at the ends of its flowers; in a certain light (as here), it can be almost a rust color. These sub-tropical and tropical flowers are treated as annuals in the North. If you're looking for a trumpet-shaped pink flower that is more cold-hardy, one possibility is Stargazer lily.

Don't confuse angel's trumpet with Datura stramonium. The latter is commonly referred to either as "devil's trumpet" or "angel's trumpet"; for purposes of clarity, I prefer to call it "devil's trumpet," to distinguish it from Brugmansia (angel's trumpet).

Angel's trumpet plants can grow several feet in height; this fact, taken in conjunction with their showy flower displays, means that they can make a "big splash" in the landscape. Many who treat angel's trumpet plants as annuals grow them in pots and use them as focal points when in bloom. But used in planting beds, their height would make them a valuable addition to the back-row.

Two caveats in growing this tropical plant:

  1. It is a poisonous plant, so be careful growing it around children

  2. It requires a lot of water and fertilizer, so it's not a shrub you can plant and forget (it's high-maintenance)

Bloom time will vary according to conditions. For many Northern gardeners, this is a shrub that blooms in late summer and early fall. In warmer regions, bloom time is much longer.

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