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Photo of Bleeding Heart

Whimsical Pink Flower Par Excellence


As you can see from this picture of bleeding heart, the flower is truly heart-shaped, "bleeding" a drop....
Picture of bleeding heart. The flower is truly heart-shaped,

Picture of bleeding heart.

David Beaulieu

Common bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis) can attain a height of about 3 feet. Both white and pink flowers are common on this star of the springtime yard. Foliage is typically green, but bleeding heart plants with golden foliage add extra color to the landscape.

Bleeding heart is a child of the spring. While it doesn't bloom as early as some of the spring bulbs, it's vegetation is irrepressible once it emerges, seeming to grow before one's very eyes! Bleeding heart foliage tends to yellow after the plants are done flowering, however; worse yet, the vegetation leaves behind holes in a perennial bed after it dies back. Plant some "summer companions" such as hosta adjacent to your bleeding heart to address this issue.

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