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Pictures of Purple Flowers

A Soothing, Rich, Elegant Color


Purple flowers, like blue blossoms, have a soothing effect. Bearing a color long symbolic of royalty, purple flowers also suggest richness and elegance. Browse my pictures of purple flowers to aid you in plant selection.

To keep flowers with similar colors together in this photo gallery, I have included pictures of flowers which, while technically they aren't purple, might often be referred to as "purple" by the layman (i.e., various shades of violet, magenta, etc.).

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Photo of May Night salvia.May Night SalviaPhoto of Caradonna salvia.Picture of Caradonna SalviaPurple Lamium PicturePurple Lamium PicturePicture of purple allium flower.Picture of Purple Allium Flower
Purple Petunias PicturePurple Petunias PicturePicture of purple columbine. A perennial; columbine flowers come in many colors.Purple Columbine PictureLarkspur PictureLarkspur: Annual With Purple FlowersAnnual purple lobelia picture.Picture of Annual Purple Lobelia Flowers
Picture of Jackman clematis vines.Picture of 'Jackmanii' Clematis VinesPicture of purple perennial lobelia.Picture of Perennial Purple Lobelia PlantsPicture of Heliotrope FlowersPicture of Heliotrope FlowersPicture of purple crocuses.Picture of Purple Crocuses
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