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Purple Columbine Picture

Photo of Columbine With Purple Flower


Aquilegia is the botanical name for columbine flowers. This name is an allusion to the eagle-like or "aquiline" features some people see in the blossom. Aquilegia is based on the Latin word for eagle, Aquila....
Picture of purple columbine. A perennial; columbine flowers come in many colors.

Picture of purple columbine. Columbine flowers come in numerous other colors, including red, yellow, white and blue.

David Beaulieu

Inspect columbine flowers up-close. Do you see the appendages that resemble spurs? They remind some people of an eagle's talons. Regardless, the shape of the bloom is certainly interesting.

Columbine flowers are perennials and come in various colors. They "nod," and their centers are reminiscent of a honeycomb. Their unusual foliage is also quite attractive.

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