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"Seeing Red" in the Landscape


Red is a "warm" color. Red flowers can be used to influence one's perception of a landscape. For instance, using them in a border can draw attention to that particular area of your yard -- and away from another. So if you'd just as soon not have viewer's gazing at point A in your landscape, take matters into your own hands and plant blooms of this color at point B.

View my pictures of red flowers to help with plant selection. In addition to pictures of red flowers, I also provide examples of foliage and seed pods that bear this vibrant color.

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Picture of red hibiscus flower.Huge and Hardy Hibiscus FlowerPhoto of 'Autumn Red' mums.Pictures of Red Flowers: MumsRed lobelia picture.Pictures of Red Flowers: LobeliaThe 'Red Charm' peony can become so deep a red as to be almost burgundy in color.Peonies With Red Flowers
Picture of red geranium flower.The Ever-Popular GeraniumPhoto of Maltese cross flower.Pictures of Red FlowersPicture of red poppy flower.Pictures of Red Flowers: PoppiesPicture of row of red tulips.Picture of Red Tulips
Picture of red azaleaPicture of Red AzaleaPicture of a red coleus.Picture of Red ColeusPicture of red salviaPicture of Red SalviaPicture of Red Castor Bean SeedsPicture of Red Castor Bean Seeds
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