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Pictures of Silver Foliage Plants

Silver Leaves Worth Their Weight in Gold


Plants with silver foliage are attractive in their own right but work especially well in combination with flowers. Thus the popularity of annual planting beds featuring the silver leaves of dusty miller and the red flowers of salvia, for instance. Like white flowers, silver foliage is also effective in "moonlight gardens." Browse my pictures of silver foliage plants for ideas -- and for caveats.
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Silver King artemisia picture.Picture of Silver King Artemisia PlantsPicture of lavender, with its silvery leaves.Lavender's Silver LeavesRussian sage flowers picture.Russian Sage Picture'Yellow Archangel' is a yellow lamium plant.Picture of Lamium Galeobdolon
Picture of licorice plants (Helichrysum petiolare).Picture of Licorice PlantsPicture of silver-leaved (or "silverleaf") poplar tree.Silver-Leaved Poplar TreesSilver Mound artemisia picture.Picture of Silver Mound Artemisia PlantsPurple deadnettle picture.Picture of Spotted Deadnettle or Lamium Plants
Photo of Japanese painted ferns. Japanese Painted Fern PicturePicture of snow in summer.Snow in Summer FlowersJack Frost Brunnera picture.Jack Frost Brunnera PictureWooly thyme picture. Wooly Thyme Picture
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