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If you need to identify a wildflower, as a first step you can browse through my pictures. The Vermont Wildflower Farm was the site for many of these pictures of wildflowers. I interviewed one of its owners, Chris Borie during my visit. Chris, a native of France, moved to Vermont in 1995, where he teamed up with Diana, a Vermont native. The couple uses the farm as a base for selling seeds for wild plants. But admittance is free to the meadows and woods out back, where the visitor can view many types of wildflowers (with signs that help you with identification as you approach the various plants).
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Picture of red poppy growing wild in a wildflower meadow.Picture of Red Poppy in MeadowPicture of New England asters.New England Aster PicturePicture of blanket flowers.Blanket FlowersPhoto of Queen Anne's Lace WildflowerPhoto of Queen Anne's Lace Wildflower
Bachelor buttons (cornflower) is a blue wildflower.Bachelor Buttons PicturePlains coreopsis is an annual wildflower. Photo of Plains CoreopsisPurple coneflower picture. The Latin name of purple coneflower is Echinacea purpurea.Coneflower PictureWild lobelia picture. This red lobelia grows wild in moist areas.Cardinal Flower
Rudbeckia picture.Rudbeckia PicturePicture of white water lily, surrounded by lily pads.White Water Lily PictureCosmos picture.Photo of Wild CosmosChicory picture.Chicory Picture
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