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White Flowers for Moonlight Gardens, Transitions


White flowers provide a neutral color in mixed plantings. Neutral colors allow for transition between stronger hues. White flowers can also be used to soften the effect of loud color schemes or stand on their own in a monochromatic scheme (e.g., all-white gardens). Others use white flowers in moon gardens (or "moonlight gardens"). View my pictures of white flowers to consider some of the choices available.
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Picture of white flowers of oakleaf hydrangea bush.White Flowers, "Oak" LeavesPicture of Mountain Laurel ShrubsPicture of Mountain Laurel ShrubsPicture of White Daffodil FlowersPicture of White Daffodil FlowersPicture of Star Magnolia TreePicture of Star Magnolia Tree
Picture of Callery Pear Tree.Picture of Callery Pear TreePicture of Autumn Clematis VinesPicture of Autumn Clematis VinesPicture of Koreanspice viburnum flower head.White Flowers, Spicy AromaWhite alyssum picture. Sweet white alyssum is an annual.Bedding Plant, Ground Cover With White Flowers
Picture of snow in summer.Ground Cover With White FlowersMock orange picture. The flowers of mock orange bear a citrusy smell.Mock Orange: Aromatic White FlowersPicture of daphne with its white flowers. Buds on daphne start out pink but produce white flowers.White Flowers, Variegated LeavesPhoto of white lilacs. The flowers of lilacs are commonly white, purple, or lavender.White Flowers, Sweet Aroma
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