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Wooden Decks and Wooden Garden Arbors: Design, Building Tips

Wooden decks add lasting value to a landscape if you design, build and maintain them properly. They furnish your yard with more usable space, be it for entertaining, dining, or just lounging in the sun. Meanwhile, wooden garden arbors enhance a yard aesthetically if well placed and are great for training vines over.

How to Build a Floating Deck
In what sense does a floating deck "float?" And why might a beginner lean toward such a design? This type of deck is not connected to your house. That means far fewer worries for the builder. If you mess up, there's no great harm done, and you can easily start over again.

Deck Pictures
My deck pictures run the gamut in terms of how the builder surmounted challenges. In one picture, for example, you'll see how a deck was built to be in proportion to a house that's unusually tall for its width. Follow the links in this gallery for further information.

Pool Decks
What material would you like used for your pool deck? Your choices depend on what kind of pool you own. Just remember that a pool deck must offer, above all, slip-resistance and durability. Beyond those practical considerations, I ask expert, Ken O'Neill to name 3 things you should be looking for in a pool deck.

The Essential Steps in Building Wooden Decks
Decks give you more usable space in your yard. This is especially true if you live on a hill. But what if you can't afford to have a deck built by a pro and have limited carpentry skills, yourself? Not to worry. I have written this tutorial just for you.

How to Seal a Deck With Thompson's Water Seal
Do you find yourself staring at the shelf of stains and sealers at the hardware store, scratching your head over which product to buy? First of all, you have to learn what a deck sealer is as opposed to a stain. I begin this article by pointing out the difference.

Building Wooden Garden Arbors
Want to learn how to build a wooden garden arbor? This tutorial is written from the perspective of the beginner, the DIYer, the non-carpenter. Pictures illustrate the steps involved. If you're a vine aficionado and a traditionalist, you simply must have a wooden garden arbor in your landscaping.

Deck Design for Hot Tubs, Pools
Deck design covers a range of niche projects, both on a practical and on an aesthetic level. Want built-in privacy, as when designing the environs around a pool or hot tub? Or for the hipsters among you who wish to avoid being "square" at all costs, maybe you'd like a lovely curved deck design?

Deck Railings
Lawrence Winterburn builds decks for a living, so you can be sure he knows a thing or two about deck railings. Learn about the scope of deck railing styles now available, plus learn the rudiments of building your own.

Pictures of Deck Railings
Or maybe you prefer to learn by gazing at pictures? Then take a gander at these photos of various types of deck railings. Included is a picture of a very chic style that uses tempered glass rather than balusters (a great choice if you want some protection but don't want to feel "walled in").

Western Red Cedar as a Deck Material
Western red cedar decks are very attractive, but there are other benefits in selecting this material for deck construction. For example, the durability of cedar means less work for you on upkeep and maintenance.

Upgrade Your Wooden Deck
OK, so you own a deck. But is it doing everything for you that it could be? If not, maybe it's time for an upgrade. Learn about upgrading your deck with deck lighting, railings, outdoor fireplaces and heaters, tiki huts and more.

Deck Design, Arbor Design, Pergola Design
GardenStructure.com designs arbors, pergolas, trellis, decks and fences for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and sells easy-to-follow plans to help you with: arbor design, deck design, fence design, pergola design and trellis design. Good source for getting some help with your deck design (the most difficult of these projects).

Deck Design
"If you are comparing price, having a deck design will simplify comparing quotes. A one of a kind deck design ranges in price from $200-750 USD," states Lawrence Winterburn. Before you build, find out how to plan for a structure with which you'll be happy for years to come.

Staining Wooden Decks
If anyone knows about applying exterior wood stains, it's Lawrence Winterburn of GardenStructure.com. An expert on deck design, fences, wooden garden arbors, pergolas, trellises and garden furniture, Lawrence knows all the tricks for preserving wood. For instance, learn why you should use a brush rather than a roller in applying stain to a wooden deck.

The Debate: Wooden Decks vs Composite Decking
Lawrence Winterburn of GardenStructure.com puts his expertise in deck design to good use in writing this skeptical piece on the merits of composite decking. With a critical eye and historical perspective, Lawrence assesses the craze over composite decking, hailed by some as a superior alternative to the traditional wooden decks.

PVC Decks: Thai Plastwood
There's more than the wood vs. composite decking comparison to consider. PVC decking has made its entrance on the stage of decking choices. Thai Plastwood calls PVC decking "an alternative to timber without the problems associated with composites."

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