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Curb Appeal Ideas

Implement these curb appeal ideas to make your front yard stand out from the rest. I use pictures to teach the design concepts used by professional landscape designers to create front yard masterpieces. I approach the subject from a number of angles, including how to landscape with the four seasons in mind.

Curb Appeal in a Nutshell
You may not be able to define curb appeal, but you know it when you see it! The problem for the DIY designer is this: How do you translate that recognition into a workable design in your own yard? My overview of curb-appeal strategies may be just enough to point beginners in the right direction.

Landscape Color Schemes
Most all of us could profit from a little more visual interest in our front yards, right? And the more exposed our front yards are to public scrutiny, the more pressing the need for effective curb appeal ideas. For example, did you know that there's one floral color you can use in your landscape that will make it look bigger than it actually is?...

Plant Form and Texture
But floral color is not your only ace in the hole. Texture and form are two of the other tricks of the landscaper's trade. And the wonderful thing about exploiting plant texture and form is that these are not as ephemeral as floral color, which can be maddeningly fleeting.

Focal Points
Professional designers know how to use focal points to influence eye movement. An effective focal point captures viewers' attention, directing their gaze to the desired spot in the design. Scale and line are other landscape design principles that impact eye movement. Use the examples I've posted in this photo gallery to learn about these...

Ideas for Attaining Year-Round Beauty
How can you ensure that your yard will have enough curb appeal to turn heads during all four seasons of the year? Hardscape installation is essential to attaining this goal. But hardscape will not be enough: you should strive to have flowering trees and shrubs during spring and summer and fall color in autumn. Then pick the right evergreens to carry the load in winter.

Front Yards for Beginners
Need a practical introduction to the principles of landscape design, as well as the basic elements upon which they are grounded? This is your starting point for understanding curb appeal ideas. I explain the art of landscape design here in a conversational style, free of technical jargon.

What is Landscape Design?
If you do not have time to "get fancy," you will appreciate my working definition of landscape design for homeowners seeking quick curb appeal ideas. I deal with hardscape and softscape themes, both from practical and aesthetic standpoints. Garden types, lawn space and principles of design are outlined.

Ideas for Selling Your Property
If ever there was a need for curb appeal ideas, it is when you are selling your house. You have to put your own tastes aside at this time and think, "What will potential buyers find attractive?" In my line of work, I exchange thoughts on just what is "attractive" with hundreds of people in the course of a year, so let me serve as an objective...

Resolved to Beautify the Front Yard?
Winter's cold gives us a good excuse to while some hours inside figuring out ways to spice up our front yards next year. If "next year" is already here when you read this, then you'd better get crackin'. Consider this article a challenge to landscaping novices to adopt 10 New Year's resolutions to improve the appearance of their yards.

Front-Yard Landscaping
I deal with a number of elements in this article that may make or break your front-yard design. Going through these curb appeal ideas one by one will give you some perspective to prepare you for the DIY projects you will be undertaking. For example, learn how to achieve privacy and an attractive front-door entrance.

Great Hardscape Ideas
Do not forget hardscape in your pursuit of great curb appeal. Stone work, for example, is not only low-maintenance once installed but also lends considerable class to a landscape design. In this article, Joe Norton reminds us that great hardscape ideas might be right under our noses in everyday life, but we often fail to take the time to notice them.

Mixing Hardscape Materials
One idea for creating curb appeal with a hardscape feature is to mix materials within that feature. That may raise some eyebrows with beginners, but mason, Joe Norton assures us that mixing hardscape materials can have a powerful visual effect. This article presents an idea for using mixed hardscape materials in building a stone patio.

Flower Borders
There are all sorts of tricks out there to make flower borders sizzle. I introduce you to some of those tricks in this article, displaying pictures to illustrate my points.

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