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How to Use Color to Make Your Landscape Design "Pop"


Color, along with form, line, texture and scale, is one of the basic elements of landscape design. By clicking on the pictures below (for larger images and their accompanying descriptions), you'll find examples of how to put color theory into practice in your landscaping. An effective landscape color scheme can compensate for many a landscape design flaw.
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This window box is planted with warm colors.Landscape Color SchemesPurple is an example of a cool color.Example of Cool ColorUse red to draw attention to a landscape area.Red Canna FlowersThe bright colors of the plants take the focus.Landscape Color Schemes
Photo showing plants picking up house colors.Exterior Color SchemesExample of rock garden plant selection.Landscape Color SchemesPhoto of burning bush hedge.Green and Red ShrubsYellow and purple flowers juxtaposed make for a nice contrast.Yellow and Purple Flowers
Picture of window box with purple and orange flowers.Flowers for Window BoxesRed mulch sets off 'Golden Sunshine' spirea nicely.Landscape Color SchemesPhoto showing the use of contrasting mulch colors.Landscape Color SchemesPicture of a golden creeping Jenny, spilling over a blue ceramic container.Gold Plants, Blue Hardscape
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