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Do you take the driveway for granted? You should not. This expanse of hardscape consumes a lot of real estate in a yard (more, proportionally, in small yards). Read my driveway ideas for tips on selecting materials, sealing driveways, landscaping around driveways and even a winter-maintenance innovation.

Driveway Ideas: What's the Best Material to Use?
I weigh the pros and cons of the most popular driveway types, so that consumers can establish priorities and make informed decisions prior to contacting contractors. Beauty, durability and cost are all factors, but so are such things (for Northerners) as the ease with which drives can be cleared of snow.

Ideas for Landscaping Driveways
How you choose to landscape a driveway is governed by numerous factors, including budget and the potential for vandalism. But what I mainly address in this article is the issue of calling attention to a feature in your yard (or not doing so) by virtue of how you landscape your driveway.

How to Seal Asphalt Driveways
From the highly aesthetic topic of landscaping driveways (see above) we move to a highly practical one: sealing driveways. If you've never applied sealant before to an asphalt driveway (or have forgotten how to do it), a plethora of questions may be weighing on your mind. Here's some help answering them.

Snow-Removal Idea: Heated Driveways
Admittedly, heated driveways are not for everyone. But then again, what novel idea ever started out as being "for everyone?" Will this alternative for clearing snow off driveways ever become feasible for a greater percentage of the Northern population? Who knows? In the meantime, it's worth learning about.

What Is the Best Way to Shovel Snow Off of Driveways?
Speaking of clearing snow off driveways, those who choose the shoveling option should read this article. Those who have never given much thought to the right way to shovel will find it a good introduction, while even old pros may be able to glean some useful tips.

Ice-Melt Products: Salt for Ice Melting
Still on the subject of keeping your driveway clear in winter, this piece links to some ice-melting products that you can buy online. Even if you're not interested in purchasing any of them, you might be curious about what type of "salt" to use that won't harm pets or plants.

Shop Sweep Shop-Vac Vacuums - Review
Or maybe the solution you're searching for regards clearing leaves off your driveway, not snow? One idea is to use a dry vac. I review one kind of dry vac here. This product works well on grass clippings, too -- with one caveat, which I discuss here.

Security Gates: Materials, Lighting, Openers
Do you feel you need to have a security gate to seal off your driveway and borders from the outside world? If so and if you're new to all this, you probably have lots of questions. Luckily, we have expert, Paul Corsetti to instruct us in such matters as the best material for security, lighting and gate openers.

Wrought Iron Gates, Wooden Gates
Didn't find what you were looking for in the interview above with Paul Corsetti? In this separate interview he expands on the topic of possible gates for driveways, offering a comparison between metal options (e.g., wrought iron) and wood, taking into consideration how durable the respective materials are, how costly, etc.

How Do You Install a Driveway Gate on a Slope?
Installing a gate for a driveway running up a steep hill is one thing. Installing such a feature for a drive that slopes not only up and down, but also left to right -- now that's something else altogether. Here's why this isn't a DIY project.

Locking Mailboxes
What's the first thing you notice approaching a driveway? The mailbox. Yet this component of the yard is often an afterthought. Locking mailbox designs are usually larger than their non-locking cousins. Even so, locking designs can fit in with almost any type of landscaping, as they can be encased in a masonry design of your own choosing.

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