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Photos Reveal the Variety of Materials Used for Building Walkways


These walkway landscaping pictures may provide you with design ideas for your own yard. My photos of walkways show examples of the variety of materials used for walkways (paths). Walkways may be curved or straight, and some builders select the construction material so as to match or complement the home to which the walkway leads.
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Picture of a flagstone walkway.Pictures of Stone Walkways: Flagstone WalkwaysPicture of a curved brick walkway.Landscaping Paths: Curved Brick WalkwaysPicture of a straight brick walkway.Pictures of Stone Walkways: Straight Brick WalkwaysPicture of a cobblestone walkway.Landscaping Paths: Cobblestone Walkways
Picture of walkway made of pavers.Pictures of Stone Walkways: Paver WalkwaysPicture of a concrete stepping stone walkway.Landscaping Paths: Informal Walkway DesignPhoto of brick walkway up a hill, punctuated by steps.Pictures of Stone Walkways: Uphill PathsPhoto of granite walkway with plants.Landscaping Paths: Granite Walkways
Photo of light-colored flagstone path.Pictures of Stone Walkways: FlagstonesNon-masonry paths may be composed of fine gravel or decomposed granite.Non-Masonry Paths
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