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Evergreen Trees - Evergreen Tree Care

Evergreen trees are saviors in winter, deserving of our care. The foliage of these ornamental trees brightens winter landscapes and affords windbreaks that save money on fuel bills. As foundation plantings evergreen yew trees should receive pruning care to keep them shrub-size and obscure unseemly concrete. Evergreen trees are valued as privacy screens, or "living wall" privacy fences.

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Dwarf Alberta Spruce Trees
Dwarf Alberta spruce trees will eventually reach 6' in height, but only over a long period of time. The green needles have a tight, densely-packed growth habit that gives Dwarf Alberta spruce trees a 'fuzzy' look.

Evergreen Trees for Privacy: Arborvitae
Because their foliage is dense and they keep it year-round, arborvitae is a good candidate for a privacy hedge. Learn more about the uses and requirements for this favorite among the evergreen trees.

Information on Blue Spruce
Colorado blue spruce trees are deer-resistant and often used as specimens or windbreaks. A classic choice for Christmas, Colorado blue spruce trees can also be impressive landscaping components.

Broadleaf Evergreen Trees - Holly
Holly trees are landscaping plants of exceptional versatility. Some type of holly can be grown almost anywhere in the U.S. (zones 3-11). Hollies can be grouped to form a hedge, or a specimen plant can stand by itself as a lawn accent piece. The foliage of these evergreen trees can be harvested for winter decorations and their berries attract birds.

Planting Live Christmas Trees
There were times in history when it was dangerous to celebrate the holidays by decorating with evergreen trees. But now, we are so sold on the idea that we can't decide which we prefer during the holidays: decorating the landscape with evergreen trees or decorating indoors. A growing trend is to buy live Christmas trees and plant them outdoors once the holiday is over. Find out how.

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Articles & Resources

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Evergreen Trees for "Living Wall" Privacy Fences
Evergreen trees and shrubs can be planted together closely in rows and pruned to form dense privacy screens. Alternatively, they can be planted more loosely to form borders that also shelter your backyard from prying eyes. This article looks at both evergreen trees and shrubs and deciduous varieties, according to height.

Evergreen Trees for the Holidays - Living Christmas Trees
Steve Nix’s book review of the most famous evergreen tree -- the Christmas tree: "Growing and Selling Trees, Wreaths, and Greens," by Lewis Hill. Growing your own evergreen trees for indoor holiday displays can save you money. And the evergreen trees you leave outside can add visual interest to the winter landscape, even increasing the real estate value of your property.

How to Select a Christmas Tree
About's Gardening Guide presents a thorough article on selecting a Christmas tree that's right for you. Learn the pros and cons of pre-cut trees, trees you cut yourself and live trees. Discover all the different types of evergreen trees used to decorate for Christmas. You'll find tips here that will prepare you for that trip to the tree farm and for caring for the tree once you get it home.

Evergreen Trees - Pruning Leyland Cypress
Advice from Burke’s Backyard, Australia, on planting hedges to screen residences on busy roads to afford them some privacy. That hedges will also act as windbreaks is a bonus. This article’s specific focus is on the pruning of Leyland cypress.

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