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What Plants Will Grow in a Swampy Area?


Question: What Plants Will Grow in a Swampy Area?
Reader, Christine writes, "35' from our deck, at the rear of the property, is swamp, in the spring and/or early summer! It has no trees, etc. What would you suggest planting back there that would survive? If we dig a hole, 3' from the deck, it also fills with water! I planted crape myrtle and they appear to be fine, next to the rear of the house."

Use my article on plants for wet areas as a starting point. I would also try to contact a local wildflower society. Google "wildflower society" + whatever state you live in to access their contact information. The folks at wildflower societies can often steer you to native plants that offer solutions to problem areas in a landscape. You may very well be able to find an attractive shrub or perennial native to your area that is adapted to swampy conditions.

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