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My Favorite Photos of Maple Trees


I consider my best fall foliage pictures to be of maple trees, because the maples are king of the hill when it comes to autumn's bonanza. Use these images to aid you in selecting the optimal landscape specimens for the harvest months. Browsing photos can facilitate tree selection for your own landscape. Don't forget, though, that there are other sources of autumn color, besides trees. Fall color can also be offered by shrubs, vines and other plants. And you can supplement your perennial display with annual fall flowers, just to spice things up.
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Photo of red maple tree in fall foliage.Rounded Red Maple TreesPhoto of red maple tree with fall foliage.Oval Red Maple TreesThe fall leaves of red maples aren't always red.Are Red Maple Trees Always Red?Just because the fall color of a tree you encounter aren't red, don't assume it's not a red maple.Fall Foliage Pictures -- Maple Leaf Picture
You'll often find red maple tree leaves tri-colored: red, green and yellow.Color Combinations of Maple Tree LeavesMaple syrup comes from Acer saccharum trees.Source of Maple SyrupFall foliage photo of a bright orange sugar maple tree.Fall Foliage Pictures -- Orange Sugar Maple TreesNo pictures of autumn foliage are complete without including pics of the sugar maples.Reddish Orange Sugar Maples
Closeup fall foliage pics of orange sugar maple leaves.Fall Foliage Pictures -- Sugar Maple Leaves Photos of maple leaves close up reveal the shape of the flag of Canada.Fall Foliage Pictures: Maple LeavesPicture of Norway maple leaf with its fall foliage color.Norway Maple TreesNorway maples reveal two distinct looks, while Amur maple trees do better in small spaces.Norway Maple's Canopy
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