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Rounded Red Maple Trees

The "October Glory" Cultivar


Red maple trees in the wild display a variety of forms. In the example shown in the photo here, the form is rather rounded....
Photo of red maple tree in fall foliage.

Photo of red maple tree in fall foliage.

David Beaulieu

Growers have spun a number of landscape trees off the wild red maples. These spinoffs are known as "cultivars." For landscaping purposes, one advantage a cultivar has over the wild equivalent is predictability. That is, if you want a red maple tree with a rounded form, it's best to purchase a cultivar known to display that shape.

An example of a cultivar with a rounded form is the "October Glory" red maple tree (Acer rubrum 'October Glory'). Bearing dark green foliage in summer, October Glory red maple trees put out red blooms in spring prior to forming any leaves.

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