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Fall Trees: Give Your Yard the Best Autumn Foliage

Pictures and descriptions of fall trees for planting on your landscape for the most colorful fall foliage. Plant these fall trees and your fall landscape will bask in the glow of their autumn leaves. From the red and orange autumn leaves of maples to the yellows of aspen trees, don't miss out on the colorful displays you'll get by planting these magnificent fall trees.

Best Fall Foliage Pictures
While other types of trees, too bathe the yard with breathtaking fall foliage, it's hard for a New Englander to envision autumn color without thinking of maples. In the course of displaying my fall foliage pictures of maples, I remark on some of the different types available, suggesting why you might wish to grow one kind rather than another.

Tulip Trees
Tulip trees are sometimes referred to as 'yellow poplars,' although they are related to magnolias, not poplars. Tulip trees provide yellow fall foliage.

Fall Trees - White Ash, American Mountain Ash Trees
Learn about two types of ash trees grown for their fall foliage: American mountain ash trees and white ash trees. In addition to fall foliage, the American mountain ash trees exhibit interesting spring flowers and summer berries. While you're exploring fall foliage ideas for your landscape, also discover the unique place of the ash tree in...

Fall Trees - Quaking Aspen Trees
The fall foliage of quaking aspen trees is almost synonymous with fall in the American West. The proclivity of its foliage to tremble in the breeze is as famous as the golden-yellow of its autumn leaves. Find out where -- and where not -- to grow this fall foliage standout.

Fall Trees - Fall Foliage, 4-Season Interest of Beech Trees
Learn about 3 types of beech trees grown for their foliage. American beech trees and European beech trees are fall foliage standouts that also provide winter interest. Meanwhile, Tricolor beech trees has colorful variegated foliage that will be prominent in your landscaping spring, summer and fall.

Fall Trees - Autumn Leaves of Birch Trees
Birch trees provide more than just colorful autumn leaves. Their bark is as interesting as their foliage, with its characteristic shedding pattern. The classic (paper) birch has bark with a white color, but other colors are available (e.g., yellow). Other birch trees have a weeping form. All of these fine fall foliage trees display yellow...

Fall Trees - Dogwood Trees for Foliage, Flowers
When we think of dogwood trees, we immediate think, "flowering." And indeed, dogwood trees put on an impressive display in spring with their...

Fall Trees - Spring, Summer, Fall Foliage of Japanese Maples
Japanese maple trees bear fine fall foliage. But compared to most trees, even the spring and summer foliage of Japanese maples is like "fall foliage." In addition, some cultivars have a weeping habit, while many have an appealing lacy leaf-type. This introduction briefly describes "Bloodgood," "Crimson Queen," "Filigree" and red Japanese...

Quintessential Fall Trees - Maple Trees
If I were putting together a dictionary, the entry for "autumn" would have next to it a picture of maple trees, adorned in their fall foliage colors of red, yellow and orange. Among the native trees of eastern North America, it is certainly the maple trees that bring out the most leaf-peepers, to gaze at their spectacular fall foliage.

Fall Trees - Oak Trees for Late-Season Fall Foliage
The fall foliage of oak trees is not as spectacular as that of the maples. But oak leaves turn later in the autumn than do maple leaves (November in the northeastern U.S.), allowing you to extend the fall foliage season. Learn about red oak trees, white oak trees and pin oak trees.

Sumac: Rich in Fall Foliage, Culinary History and More
Poison sumac is only one variety of sumac, and it is easily distinguished from the non-poisonous varieties. The latter, technically shrubs, can be used in the landscape to provide splendid fall foliage and are easy to grow. In addition, sumac has been used for culinary purposes, for erosion control, and as a wind break.

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