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Fence Design, Fence Construction, Fencing Materials

Sometimes, fence design is driven by function, other times by appearance. You'll choose your fencing materials accordingly. Explore the pros and cons of do-it-yourself fence construction vs. hiring professionals.

Types of Wood Fences
Wood fence designs are often selected to match house styles. The stockade, post-and-rail and picket styles are just some of the kinds of wood fences.

Fence Design and Construction 101
FAQ on all aspects of fence construction, including designs for different functions, popular materials for fences (wood, vinyl, chain-link), deciding between professional installation of fences versus do-it-yourself projects, aesthetic considerations and common mistakes in building fences.

Building Lattice Screens: Easy Way to Hide Eyesores
Lattice screens are great for hiding elements on your landscape that you'd just as soon not put on display. Perhaps it's an unsightly HVAC unit, a garbage storage area, or deck supports. Whether you choose wood or vinyl, building lattice screens is a quick and easy way to improve the look of your landscape.

How to Build Underground Dog Fences
Underground dog fences, being buried in the ground, remain invisible. So if you build an underground dog fence, you're not left with an intrusive structure in your yard but still have an effective mechanism for keeping pets at home.

Types of Deer Fencing
Deer fencing can block that biggest of garden pests from entering your yard. But what types of deer fencing are there to choose from? Find out in this introduction to deer fencing.

Chicken Wire: What It Is, How It's Used in Landscaping
Chicken wire (often misspelled "chickenwire") is a mesh fencing traditionally used to confine poultry. However, we now use chicken wire in many ways.

How to Install Wood Fence Posts
Follow these guidelines to install wood fence posts. As long as you keep everything plumb and level, replacing wood fence posts that have rotted or broken is not difficult work.

Installing Driveway Gates
Driveway gates can provide not only security to a landscape, but also stunning beauty -– that much is obvious. But there’s much about installing driveway gates that may be less obvious to homeowners. This interview with an expert on driveway gates will shed some light on the subject.

Gate Design and Hardware: Gate Hinges, Latches
Have you noticed a gorgeous gate design in your travels? Before deciding on a gate design for yourself, see how an expert answered my questions on latches, hinges and other hardware.

Wrought Iron Gates, Wooden Gates
Wrought iron gates, as well as wooden gates, are popular choices for driveways. Let's discuss the pros and cons of wooden and wrought iron gates in terms of cost, durability, etc.

What Are the Advantages of Aluminum Fences?
Aluminum fences provide a low-maintenance alternative to wrought-iron. This brief intro discusses the advantages of and uses for aluminum fences.

How to Repair Sagging Fence Gates: Hanging Fence Gates
How do you go about repairing sagging fence gates? Hanging fence gates anew isn't that difficult, but the hanging does require a methodical approach.

Fence Options: Wooden Fences, Metal Fences, Vinyl Fences
Fences 101, replete with photos. Wood fencing includes stockade-style for privacy, picket fences, split rail, post and rail fences. Metal fencing includes ornamental wrought iron, aluminum, chain link fences. For low-maintenance, there's the vinyl fence option. Site includes a fence comparison chart, comparing maintenance, cost, etc. of various fence types.

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